Boys swimming wins state three years in a row

Boys swimming wins state three years in a row

Fossil Ridge’s Boys swimming and diving team won the majority of their meets this season, so it was no surprise that they won state this year for the third time in a row. The SaberCats competed at the Veterans Memorial Aquatic Center in Thornton for the class 5A state swim title. There were eleven teams that were competing for the state trophy. Even though the SaberCats were undefeated the entire season, they still had to put on their best performance.”I definitely had some doubts going into the meet, especially this year. I knew,going in that anyone could win so naturally I had doubt.” Danny Kovac.   Last year at the 2016 state meet Regis High School place second and were only 79.5 points behind Fossil. This year Fossil beat Regis by over 100 points.

Below are the team results:

Fossil Ridge- 358 pts.

Regis-253 pts.

Cherry Creek-217 pts.

Fairview-191.5 pts.

Highlands Ranch-135.5 pts.


Arapaho-129 pts.

Lewis-Palmer-119.5 pts.

Fort Collins- 105 pts.

Ponderosa-100.16 pts.

Rocky Mountain- 40 pts.

Danny Kovac has been a key player on the team for the past three years. He got 2nd place for the 100 backstroke with a time of 48.70 seconds, and also placed 2nd in the 100 butterfly finishing with 48.33 seconds. “It was really an amazing feeling. To be able to stand on the podium with some of your really good friends and teammates is just phenomenal. Over the whole season everyone gave forth their best effort to win and it was just so cool to share this experience with everyone on the  team. I am super proud of everyone!” Danny Kovac.

Below are times from different races:

200 freestyle relay

  1. Fossil Ridge (Pales, Geraghty, Alkaff, Malinin)- 1:23.44
  2. Fairview_ 1:25.65
  3. Cherry Creek_ 1:25.65
  4. Arapahoe- 1:26.65
  5. Highlands Ranch- 1:26.55
  6. Fort collins 1:2700

200-yard medley relay

  1. Fossil Ridge (Kovac, Pales, Yabarra, Malinin)-1:30.69
  2. Regis-1:31.35
  3. Cherry Creek-1:33.32
  4. Broomfield-1:35.50
  5. Highlands Ranch 1:35.79
  6. Fort Collins-1:36.67

400 freestyle relay

  1. Fossil Ridge (Kovac, Alkaff, Yabarra, Geraghty)- 3:03.87
  2. Foairview-3:05.28
  3. Regis-3:06.82
  4. Cherry Creek- 3:08.51
  5. Broomfield-3:08.82

100 butterfly

  1. Michael Zarian, Fairview- 47.75
  2. Danny Kovac, Fossil-48.33
  3. Ty Coen, Regis-48.95
  4. Blake Wilson, Ponderosa-49.81
  5. Sam Yabarra, Fossil- 50.51
  6. Jack Holter, Fort Collin-51.10
  7. Jack Miller, Rocky Mountain-51.99

Fans from all different schools filled the stands, while they cheered for their team. The SaberCats made sure to swim every race like it was their last one, the dedication and willpower from every swimmer is why they won the state meet for the third time. Congratulations to the boys swimming and diving team for winning state three years in  a row!!!

Authored by: Abby Bordewick

Three years later and Abby Bordewick continues as apart of the Etched in Stone team writing mostly for the athletics beat. The sixteen year old Colorado native is currently a leader of the papers athletic beat along with fellow juniors Emily Brey and Haley Rockwell, which makes them mini editors of the other athletic writers throughout the year. Not only is Bordewick involved in the paper she is also a second year varsity golfer with some thought on playing golf in college, a camping enthusiast with hobbies that include baking and photography.