Bored & Hungry: What to do in Old Town

Bored & Hungry: What to do in Old Town

Old Town of Fort Collins is full of nooks and crannies hosting diverse shops and eats. From vinyls to flannels, pizza to coffee, here’s a guide to all the best places to visit in this quirky corner of Colorado.


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228 S College Avenue

For hipsters and hippies alike, Ragstock is full of both mainstream and against-the-stream clothing. The shop is jam packed with denim jackets, floral dresses, crop tops, and aviators, a new discovery around every corner. Whatever your style, Ragstock is sure to have something for you. Rating: 8/10

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126 W Laurel Street

If you’re looking for gigantic, delicious slices of pizza, then Casbah is your destination. Small but with lots of character, Pizza Casbah includes a jukebox and a mural  of famous faces on the wall.  Deals every day, such as $1 cheese slices on Tuesdays and 45 cent wings on Fridays. Rating: 8.5/10

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120 W Laurel Street

A perfect cafe for hipsters who need their coffee, Alleycat is a cozy coffee shop and  gem of Old Town. The cafe is a common hangout spot for teens looking for a snack and a hot drink. The multilevel joint has board games, wifi, and even guitars. Rating: 7/10

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1014 S College Avenue

A promising shop full of (mediocre) vinyls and movies. Navigate the maze of shelves of throwback records and new hits. Rating: 5.5/10

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201 Linden Street

While it may seem like a perfectly passable shop, Nature’s Own is perfect for admirers of nature. Browse collectible gems and rocks, stone- carved mini animal figures, and jewelry. Glimpse the impressive display of giant geodes. Rating: 8/10

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132 W Mountain Avenue

A men’s boutique for high end and casual styles. Grooming products, accessories, clothes, and gifts for men. Excellent service. Rating: 9/10

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17 Old Town Square

A quirky shop full of humorous gifts, cute socks, and trinkets you didn’t know you needed.

Rating: 8/10

Authored by: Cambria Corp