Counselors excited to build better student relationships

Counselors excited to build better student relationships

Fossil Ridge High School’s counseling department will be undergoing organizational changes that they want the student body to be aware of for the 2017-2018 school year. Instead of making students transitions between counselors after their freshman year, students will have the same counselor all four years and the counselors will be divided up only by alphabet, not by grade. This comes as another move to better integrate the freshmen with upperclassmen after lunches were combined for the 2016-2017 school year. The freshmen class originally had separate counselors as a part of the school’s attempt to aid their transition into high schools in 2009; it’s the same reason that all freshmen have lockers and most of their classes in the upstairs North Wing.

Counselors have been discussing this idea for multiple years, and are excited to finally be able to put it into action. Each counselor has said that they are greatly looking forward to being able to build a better relationship with students over all four years of high school. Mr. Murphy stated, “Relationships are probably the biggest piece that we are hoping to build with this change.” In addition to this change, Fossil will no longer have a counselor specifically for college and career help. Instead, the primary counselors will assist students with college admissions and essays, or exploring alternative postsecondary options. Mr. Murphy and Mrs. Switala, a new hire for next year, will occasionally station themselves in the College and Career Center as college coordinators, mostly to help organize college visits to the school, and to be able to provide more in-depth information about postsecondary options to students.

The list of counselor assignments can be found in the West Wing or in the Weekly Update sent out to parents. For the 2017-2018 year only, the counseling department will allow seniors to request to stay with their current counselor that they may have a good, solid relationship with if the new organization changes the counselor they have been assigned.

Authored by: Serena Bettis

Serena Bettis has been on Etched in Stone since her sophomore year, and she is currently the editor and website manager. She is an avid member of Fossil's band program as a flute player, and enjoys reading and baking. Serena has a recurring column on Etched in Stone called Diversify Yourself, where she writes about different books she has read.