Seniors bid farewell to Orchestra program

Seniors bid farewell to Orchestra program

On Wednesday, May 10, Fossil Ridge High School’s Orchestra program put on their final concert of the year. All three orchestras played; the theme for this concert was pop music, meaning that each piece performed was a popular tune students would recognize from the radio as opposed to a piece from an older classical period. Brandon Richardson, a member of the Symphony Orchestra, said, “All three orchestras practiced very hard and worked well to give a fun, engaging concert.”

Students who put in enough work this school year to earn a letter in the program were recognized at the concert, along with the seniors who will not be returning. Instead of showing a slideshow of each senior, the Orchestra program has a tradition where the graduation students go up on stage and give Mr. Silvestri, their director, a rose. They each also give a compliment or comment to Mr. Silvestri, and he in turn talks about one great attribute of the student, and how they have bettered Fossil’s orchestras in their time at the school. Richardson stated, “It was really heartwarming.”   

Authored by: Serena Bettis

Serena Bettis has been on Etched in Stone since her sophomore year, and she is currently the editor and website manager. She is an avid member of Fossil's band program as a flute player, and enjoys reading and baking. Serena has a recurring column on Etched in Stone called Diversify Yourself, where she writes about different books she has read.

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