Humans of Fossil: Sid Sutton

Humans of Fossil: Sid Sutton

Sid Sutton poses, second from the top left row, with FRESH club members at the sustainability conference.

High school was a time for self academic discovery, especially for Sid Sutton, the current salutatorian candidate at Fossil Ridge High School. Currently ranked second in his graduating class of 2017,  Sutton said it was, “Simply going to class, turning in homework, and studying,” that helped him earn good grades. The key, Sutton explained, was not falling behind in classes.

While taking a chance with rigorous courses, particularly in AP Computer Sciences and Web Design, offered at Fossil, without high expectations, Sutton later realized that with his strong foundations in math, “it wasn’t nearly as difficult,” and knew he would excel in its subject realm. “Taking those classes showed me that I had the ability to be successful in classes most students found more difficult. “It encouraged me to take more AP classes and really keep testing my intelligence,” Sutton said.

Sutton is committed to going to Colorado State University in the fall. He aims to earn a degree in computer sciences and a minor in psychology, being interested in the complexity of interactions among humans and individual thinking processes. Video games was a hobby that eventually led Sutton to be interested in computer sciences and software development. “It’d be cool to be the one behind the screen making it,” Sutton stated.

As a member of Mu Alpha Theta and a FRESH club board member, Sutton has enhanced his high school experience through the relationships and solidarity he has felt with many individuals. As a nervous freshman, Sutton was able to find his niche among those passionate about similar subjects and wished he had, “Enjoyed high school sooner because it’s a pretty great time compared to a lot with whatever is coming next.”

Sutton stated he was “really torn,” thinking about graduation. Born and raised in Fort Collins, Sutton stated it would be, “Weird to not see the same people I have seen almost everyday since I was young.” At the same time, Sutton is ready to challenge himself in new ways by continuing to grow and become an adult. “I’m not afraid of the future now,” said Sutton. “I don’t think I’ll be so nervous next year as a freshman like I was before.”

Authored by: Kathleen Lee

Kathleen Lee, Co-Chief of Content for Etched In Stone, is adding a fresh breath of air to this ever-growing publication of Fossil Ridge High School. She has been a member of the journalism program for three out of her four years here, and is very excited to begin leading this class through, hopefully, another successful year. Last year, she took a lead writing on politics and had the opportunity to dive more deeply into that topic when she attended Capitol Hill Day, as well as the Journalism National Convention