Humans of Fossil: David Perkins

Humans of Fossil: David Perkins

Coming from a family of “big nerds,” David Perkins continues the family name as a senior currently ranked third in the graduating class of 2017. Never expecting to be ranked within the top five of the school, Perkins suggested, “I guess I just took enough Advanced Placement classes and consistently did well.”

“The stress is bad when you have more than one AP class in one day,” said Perkins. Although manageable, Perkins disciplined himself to the hours of studying, reviewing, and preparing. Calculus BC was the most difficult class. According to Perkins, “ I spent a lot of time practicing not to get anxiety for tests.”

Perkins has grown strong friendships within academic activities such as Mu Alpha Theta, National Honor Society, and as treasurer for the Science National Honor Society.  As the band section leader for the clarinets, Perkins stated, “Band has had such a big part in my highschool career, I will miss all the valuable experiences.” Perkins was also one in six National Merit scholars for the PSAT at Fossil.

Perkins will be at University of Colorado, Boulder studying aerospace engineering in the fall. CU Boulder appealed to Perkins due the university’s extensive involvement in research opportunities and good connections with the industry of Perkin’s declared major. “I’m fascinated by fusion rockets and more of the far fetched science fiction rocketry that isn’t quite possible yet,” stated Perkins. The interest for rocket engine designing first burgeoned from rocket stimulations. “I first got interested in space exploration and seeing how it is an advancing private industry.” Perkins also stated that he has high hopes for technology and its potential.

“I’m ready to move on from high school and get to the more hands on learning at my university,” claimed Perkins. Just like most other seniors at Fossil, Perkins is ready to take the next big step forward.

Authored by: Kathleen Lee

Kathleen Lee, Co-Chief of Content for Etched In Stone, is adding a fresh breath of air to this ever-growing publication of Fossil Ridge High School. She has been a member of the journalism program for three out of her four years here, and is very excited to begin leading this class through, hopefully, another successful year. Last year, she took a lead writing on politics and had the opportunity to dive more deeply into that topic when she attended Capitol Hill Day, as well as the Journalism National Convention