Breaking News: Teachers take “Unity Walk” around campus

Breaking News: Teachers take “Unity Walk” around campus

During the lunch period on Friday May 12, 35-40 teachers gathered and walked around Fossil Ridge High School. Many wore black to show their unity with each other. Their path started in the Commons, into the West Wing, the East Wing and back to the Commons, throughout their walk the teachers refused to speak. As they walked inside the school, the halls became quiet, with a few students shouting questions to teachers. Some teachers waved back and smiled, but all remained silent.

When the path through the school was finished, the teachers walked out the main entrance and gathered in front of the school. Before continuing their walk around the edge of campus the teachers cheered “Ridge!” Students were not informed about the “Unity Walk” beforehand.

“We are not protesting, we are simply demonstrating unity and positive school culture during this time of uncertainty,” said Dan Rypma on behalf of the group.

Authored by: Katie Reed

Katie Reed, a big fan of Florida Georgia Line, is in her fourth year of journalism at Fossil Ridge High School and cannot wait to help improve the quality and quantity of Etched in Stone articles as Co-Chief of Content. Katie, who was born in Fort Collins on a Wednesday in May of 1999, spends her time writing, reading, listening to music, and eating food such as salads. She lives with her dad, a dog named Elvis, and her siblings, Johnny and Kristen.