Humans of Fossil: Nicholas Lin

Humans of Fossil: Nicholas Lin

Photo Credit: Kathleen Lee

As a candidate for Fossil Ridge High School’s Valedictorian, Nicholas Lin is engaged in more than academic rigor. Currently ranked first in the graduating class of 2017, Lin has taken a total of 14 different Advance Placement classes throughout his high school career. “I am proud because hard work really does pay off,” he said.

Born and raised in Colorado Springs, Lin moved to Fort Collins, Colorado at the start of his freshman year with his parents and older sister. Lin admitted that the adjustment period and making new friends was difficult, however, he, “wouldn’t trade moving for anything else,” due to the amazing people that have become part of his life throughout high school.

Since the age of seven, Lin has been drawn to the creative expressions of music through the violin. Having the piano as his musical foundation, Lin decided to follow suit with someone who he looked up to that played the violin. Lin is the senior concertmaster at Fossil, albeit playing in an orchestra for only four years, the first orchestra being at Fossil. During sophomore and junior year, Lin qualified for the Western States Honor Orchestra and was an All State qualifier for three years. In addition to being Fossil’s concertmaster, Lin received the position of concertmaster for the Philharmonic all-state orchestra. Music has taken part in Lin’s identity as it has, “expanded my horizons,” and “through music, have met people from so many different backgrounds.” Not only has the passion for music given him valuable experiences, it has been a, “stress reliever… a time where I can set aside anything that’s troubling and just enjoy music for what it is.

Lin is also an active participant in academic clubs such as DECA, FBLA, and Knowledge Bowl. As the Knowledge Bowl Captain, Lin has taught his teammates academic discipline and pushed them to put forth their best effort. “I’ve always wanted to create a healthy environment and foster teamwork,” stated Lin. His strategies to help his team succeed are reliant on his decisions as the team captain.

For his plans beyond Fossil, Lin is on track for majoring in computer sciences in engineering. “The idea of innovation and the ability to create something that no one has ever created before has been a big interest,” stated Lin. As self-motivation developed over the course of high school, Lin believes that, “If you want something enough, there’s nothing to stop you from achieving it.” Lin expressed both elation and gloominess at the prospect of graduation. “It’s another big transition,” he said, “but I am more than ready for it.”

Authored by: Kathleen Lee

Kathleen Lee, Co-Chief of Content for Etched In Stone, is adding a fresh breath of air to this ever-growing publication of Fossil Ridge High School. She has been a member of the journalism program for three out of her four years here, and is very excited to begin leading this class through, hopefully, another successful year. Last year, she took a lead writing on politics and had the opportunity to dive more deeply into that topic when she attended Capitol Hill Day, as well as the Journalism National Convention