Humans of Fossil: Diane Campbell

Humans of Fossil: Diane Campbell

After 13 years of working as the college and career counselor, Diane Campbell will continue guiding students with plans beyond high school at her own college consulting business or at another high schould a position work out. Campbell wishes for a different approach to the college planning process for her students, different from the restructuring goals planned for the counselling department the next school year. “I’ve become so much a part of the families here,” she said. “It was a hard and emotional decision, leaving Fossil.”

Campbell has spent her time traveling around the country giving presentations guiding other school counselors and students with college decisions. Campbell was nominated to be assessed by Colleges that Change Lives (CTCL) board and was recognized as one of seven 2017 Counselors That Change Lives in the entire nation. “Students and families have been pivotal in teaching me what I need to learn,” stated Campbell. In addition to her national recognition, Campbell has been the head of the Professional Development Chair for the Rocky Mountain Association for College Admission Counseling (RMACAC) for the past two years. “Questions and needs from so many families are what ignited passions for professional development, because I wanted to provide all individuals with accurate answers,” said Campbell.  However, even with her involvement in national and local college committees and boards, she wishes for her involvement to be more extensive.

Since 2015, Campbell established her own personalized college planning business, connecting her to clients from all over the country, communicating with families through Skype and other forms of media. She has offered services to students such as college search and match, scholarship advice, application/essay review, ACT/SAT prep, financial aid, and more. Campbell will be running workshops at her own office during the summer. After the 2017 school year, she will be pursuing employment options at other schools, but nothing is “confirmed.”

Behind the professionalism, Campbell is still a mother of four, who wants “one-on-one with families, while taking care of my own family.” Having twin daughters leave for college and two more kids at home has made it a busy and emotional year for Campbell. Additionally, Campbell’s father was “diagnosed with an incurable disease and it is time that I spend more time with him as well.” In need of more flexibility, the hard decision leaving Fossil has been an emotional time during her last few months at Fossil. “I love more than anything helping students understand they have options no matter what interests they have or who they are and that they have a path,” Campbell stated. Fossil’s current College and Career Counselor has wholeheartedly helped students find affordable options for college and where they feel they belong.

Campbell has a positive outlook for next year’s transition. Taking a step in a different direction, Campbell perceives this opportunity as one that will, “allow me to stay connected with my passion of helping guide students/families and continue to serve on more committees and boards.”

Authored by: Kathleen Lee

Kathleen Lee, Co-Chief of Content for Etched In Stone, is adding a fresh breath of air to this ever-growing publication of Fossil Ridge High School. She has been a member of the journalism program for three out of her four years here, and is very excited to begin leading this class through, hopefully, another successful year. Last year, she took a lead writing on politics and had the opportunity to dive more deeply into that topic when she attended Capitol Hill Day, as well as the Journalism National Convention