Seniors show off

Seniors show off

Fossil Ridge High School seniors showcased their artwork Tuesday, May 2 from drawing and painting to video production and musical performances, the art showcase  was a way to show friends, family, and peers the students’ creativity.

At the gallery, students explained their work as guests passed by.  A majority of the students were in AP Studio Art, so they were showing off their portfolios. Sarra Smith then explained the portfolio “the goal of the main portfolio I think, is to build a body of art to send to College Board, use for scholarships, and helps build continuity between artwork.” Numerous students were passionate about the art that they chose to showcase. Some AP studio art students have mixed emotions about leaving the class such as Smith, “the class had a great environment and community but the work was stressful to turn things in on time for deadlines.”

Some art had strong humanitarian messages behind it like Cierra Dykstra’s work, featuring a piece on Blood Diamonds. Some were whimsical such as Maddie Patine’s pieces with mermaid cows and animals sitting at a bar. Extravagant ceramic bowls and vases with detailed painted flowers were displayed by Natalie Serafin.

Music was performed in the performing arts center featuring brass quintets, wind ensembles, jazz ensembles, piano solos, piano duets, and vocal solos. Even though some groups had juniors featured it was a way of showing how groups of students organize themselves to combine their talents to practice and perform for their peers.

The arts wing at Fossil was up and running with student work being shown as the school year comes to a close.

Authored by: Jaclyn Ambrose

Jaclyn Ambrose, a junior at Fossil Ridge High School has been involved in journalism for two years and enjoys writing short stories on her own. Jaclyn is looking into CU’s journalism program, she is interested in rock journalism, and her favorite bands include Weezer, Wilco, and The band. This year of journalism she wants to focus on improving her self- editing and plans on continuing journalism senior year.